Tuina massage in Zurich or Uitikon-Waldegg

Hands-on help with Tuina massage

Tuina is the traditional Chinese massage.

Tuina is particularly effective for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, but is also beneficial for many other problems such as arthrosis, injuries, tension and after a stroke.

Tuina mainly uses special hand techniques and manipulations such as pushing, stroking, pressing, rubbing, tapping and clapping – and including the technique of vibration.

The various Tuina massage techniques can also be used to positively influence inner disharmony.

A special form of Tuina is used widely in paediatrics.

Children respond very well to paediatric Tuina.

This enables the effective treatment of numerous clinical findings without having to apply acupuncture needles to the body or treat the child with medicinal products.

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