Patient information for TCM treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) is a form of therapy or treatment with few side effects.

In the practice, patients are treated by Chinese TCM doctors on an outpatient basis.

An examination with one of our Chinese specialists is carried out according to the traditional Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis.

The doctor will then draw up a therapy plan matched individually to your needs.

The optimum frequency and duration of treatment are determined at the preliminary examination and can vary greatly.

On average, a treatment cycle with the methods deemed appropriate for you consists of approximately 10 sessions with a frequency of between one and three times a week.

Treatment according to TCM methods can be combined very well with methods of conventional medicine.

Discuss the circumstances at your first visit to the practice, and please mention all medications you are currently taking.

Coming for treatment

You should take sufficient time for the treatment and, if possible, engage in quiet activity and relax both before and after.

NEVER come to a treatment session WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH.

If you are pregnant or on the first or second day of your menstruation, please inform your TCM doctor.

Undesirable side effects of acupuncture are:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness (during/after treatment)
  • Irritation at the injection site (short-term redness, feeling of pressure)
  • Minor bruising (haematoma)
  • Major bleeding if taking blood-thinning medication or with a blood-clotting disorder

Undesirable side effects with cupping

  • Bruises (haematoma) – disappear after a few days
  • Blistering of very sensitive skin, very rare
  • Muscle soreness

Undesirable side effects of moxibustion

A slight burn may occur in very rare cases.

The transmission of viral diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS is prevented by the use of sterile disposable needles.

Tongue diagnosis

In order to make an accurate tongue diagnosis, we ask you not to drink or eat anything that has a staining effect (e.g. coffee, raspberry juice, raspberry jam) one hour before the session.

In general, initial worsening may occur but this is not necessarily the case.

If it does occur, it will diminish after the second and third sessions.

Of course, we do our utmost to spare you any unpleasantness.

However, if an incident does occur, please report it to us immediately.

If you have any further questions or queries, our responsible practitioner of conventional medicine will also be happy to help you.

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